Forests in the world have been decreasing rapidly, followed by serious global warming from greenhouse effect gas (GHG) and impacts on the livelihoods of forest-dependent people. In Japan, abundant forests should be adequately managed and sustained rural villages in the aging population.

Our researches investigate sound relationships between global policy issues as climate change/forest conservation and improvement of local livelihoods in tropical countries as Indonesia in Southeast Asia, Bhutan and Nepal in South Asia and development of rural livelihoods through effective use of wood production and biomass resources in Japan.


This is the outputs of our lab. 


Research topics

Relationships between forests and people in tropical forests, Southeast, South Asian counrtries, and Africa

-Collaborative forest management in protected areas, especially National Park with governments and local people

-Certification schemes, including forest certification, fair trade coffee, oil palm plantation

-Participatory forest management

-Human wildlife conflict 


Relationships between forests and people in forests, Japan

-Working safety and technical training in forest operations

-Artificial forest management with conserving biodiversity

-Ergonomic research for sustainable forest management